As everyone’s needs are different, S.E.A.L Fitness provides a variety of packages that can help you reach your goals, whatever they are all with no tied-in contract.

Each personal training session take place in an exclusive studio, based in a converted mill in Barkisland, Halifax. Friendly, comfortable and supportive, you won’t want to leave!

Have a FREE Taster Session

We all like to try something before we fully commit which is why you can have a taster session with Emma, free of charge. This session will include a brief consultation and 30 minutes training based on your requirements.

Contact Emma to book your FREE 30 minute taster session.

1-2-1 Packages:

Bronze – 1 session/week £120/month or 2 sessions/week £240/month

If you’re looking to start your fitness journey with support & encouragement to reach your goals the Bronze package is for you. Or you may be happy with your lifestyle but need to freshen up your training. This package includes 1-2-1 personal training sessions with Emma each lasting 1 hour.

Silver – 1 session/week £140/month or 2 sessions/week £260/month

For some, when joining a gym you can feel overwhelmed or you simply lose interest because it’s just not exciting enough or the results don’t come… let S.E.A.L Fitness help you evolve and show you how we do things differently by educating you on where you need to focus, not only with your fitness but your health. Go for the Silver package which includes 1-2-1 personal training sessions as well as monthly body analysis & health check.

Gold – 1 session/week £170/month or 2 sessions/week £290/month

Want to know the secret to living a long and healthy life? Stay fit! Adapt to a new and better lifestyle and choose the Gold package to have regular, unique and effective sessions which will boost your energy and get you results. Complimented with monthly body analysis & health checks, a take away Good Health guide to blast those myths we have been bombarded with for decades & a 2 week nutrition plan with recipes so you have the tools & knowledge to succeed.

Platinum – 1 session/week £200/month or 2 sessions/week £320/month

For those of you who are wanting to commit and really change your lifestyle for the better, opt for our Platinum package which gives you the training session, body analysis & health checks, the Good Health guide & 4 weeks nutrition plan & recipes for you to use and live a long, healthy life. This is the game changer – it will give you the best results as a complete package that fits with the S.E.A.L Fitness ethos of living the best possible life for all your life!

Pairs Packages:

Some people find exercising a lot easier and fun when doing it with a partner. At S.E.A.L Fitness we offer pairs packages so you can motivate each other, learn more about your bodies and what you should be putting in them for a healthy lifestyle for the long term, work together and succeed together.

As with the 1-2-1 packages, each package is tailored to suit anyone’s specific needs and goals. SEAL Fitness is here to support both of you every step of the way and to answer any questions you may have.

Bronze – 1 session/week £180/month or 2 sessions/week £360/month

Silver – 1 session/week £210/month or 2 sessions/week £390/month

Gold – 1 session/week £255/month or 2 sessions/week £435/month

Platinum – 1 session/week £300/month or 2 sessions/week £480/month