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Sarah Barthorpe

I have never been this fit and healthy, my strength is going up every session with Emma and I can 100% see and FEEL the difference!

Nic Winrow

The classes are inclusive and you can work at your own level but always challenging and fun. She has some great concepts N Tyre, Monopoly and Play your Cards Right. Best of all I always come away feeling like I have worked hard.

Diane Crabtree

Emma is an amazing instructor for lots of reasons. She educates and motivates, forms a great relationship with class members and helps us stay focused to reach our goals, and has got charisma by the bucketful.

Rachel Burton

Emma is a fantastic motivator and the sessions are hard but fun with different workouts each week. It has made a difference to my body and I can now do burpees!

Denise Smith

Emma is passionate about fitness and in helping you achieve your individual goals, and she does that in an encouraging and motivating way…she is a great instructor and a great lady!

John Sheard

Outdoor H.I.I.T — Any people out there wanting exercise and are dubious about regular trips to the gym this is for you, the classes are different every time so you never know what’s coming next, I’ve been there most of the season and being overweight and needing to strengthen my core, these classes and helping me achieve my goals.