Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability to be in touch with your emotions and aware of and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings. Stress is a huge factor for many of us with an increased number of people having to take medication to help them through the difficulties. Often stress can be reduced if you can get your wellness balanced.

The 6 areas of wellness

Wellness is an evolving process of being in the best health in the following areas:

Maintaining a healthy body through regular exercise, good nutrition, balanced sleep and avoiding harmful habits.

Being in touch with your emotions and aware of and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings as well as being aware of the emotions of others.

Relating, interacting and communicating well with others. Its also about being comfortable in your own skin to be able to be social.

Engaging with the world around you, opening up your mind, problem solving, learning new things and being creative.

Surrounding yourself with a suitable work and living environment, without hazard. Understanding the role we play in the world, respecting and appreciating our surroundings and spending time in the natural environment of the world.

Having a sense that life is meaningful and has a purpose. Having values and beliefs (whatever they may be) and respecting the values and beliefs of others.

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What my clients say

I have never been this fit & healthy, my strength is going up every session with Emma & I can 100% see & feel the difference! Emma is an incredible trainer, I’m pushed to my limits, I ache in places I never knew could ache & I can do exercises now that no way I could do before! Hand on heart, signing up for sessions with Emma was the best decision I’ve ever made & I look forward to every session.

Sarah Barthorpe

I love these classes, if anyone is looking for a class where you work hard then this is perfect. Emma is very knowledgeable & is a great coach. For years I’ve been struggling to find something that I love but I’m so pleased I found S.E.A.L Fitness

Laura Power

I started Outdoor HIIT with Emma at the beginning of summer, in the cold & wet! Emma was a great motivator pushing us through the dreary weather. Now it has brightened up & my fitness has increased I can really enjoy the different sessions Emma creates. They are inclusive & you work at your own level but always challenging & fun, she has some great concepts – best of all I come away feeling like I have worked hard & Emma has made it fun.

Nic Winrow

I have just completed 6 sessions, one a week, with Emma & have loved every minute. Each week brought new challenges & new exercises & I always left feeling tired but fab! I am so pleased with my results, far better than I had hoped for. My confidence has grown & my waist has shrunk.

Lisa Nicholson


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