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Get the best quality of life for all your life with Personal Training and unique group fitness classes. Based in a private studio, I’m helping individuals with their health, fitness and well-being without fad diets throughout Halifax, Huddersfield and the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire.

I host unique group fitness classes including outdoor HIIT, HIIT aerobics, a unique legs, bums and tums class and circuit training. All my classes are perfect for both females and males, everyone is welcome.

If you need an amazing female personal trainer in Halifax and Huddersfield get in touch today by calling 07506 718143, messaging on social media or via my contact page

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Emma Seal

Personal Trainer, unique fitness class creator, sports conditioning coach and owner of S.E.A.L Fitness. I help individuals achieve quality health and fitness through different types of training as well as education on the human body and how exercise, supported with nutrition, can truly transform your physical and mental health.


How I help my clients

My clients enjoy a mix of one-to-one, group and online training that helps them to keep fit, build strength and balance their overall well-being.

What my clients say


If you’d like more information about my online training programme, personal training sessions or group classes, drop me a message using the contact form and I will get back to you.

I’m also on social media, connect with me and say hello!

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