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Live a balanced life Take control of your wellness today using my online training programme

Wellness Training

Wellness is a conscious, self-directed, and evolving process of being in the best health in the six areas – physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual.

I would go as far as putting them in that order of priority too. Each of the 6 dimensions influences and balance each other to create overall wellness. Should one be out of sync it will influence another. Modern life is busy. We have distractions from all over the place and it’s important to look at the bigger picture – our wellness is a priority. Being in the best possible health (in all the 6 dimensions of wellness) should be what we prioritise over so many elements of life.

If you would like to form better habits that lead to overall balanced wellbeing, with a more holistic view in each of the key areas it is time to start your Wellness Training.

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Take control of your wellness from the comfort of your own home through my online training course. Set your own pace for learning and implementation as I train you in the 6 core areas of wellness. My training course will improve your physical wellbeing using easy-to-follow exercise routines, nutritional advice, and best practices for sleep. Help you to manage stress and anxiety and show you how meditation and mindset affect your wellbeing.

We will also look at social media vs social reality, life balance, and support you to form healthy social habits. I will provide you with a greater understanding of how creativity and learning new skills can lead to amazing outcomes. Through environmental wellness, I will show you how to improve your surroundings and the wider world and how connecting to your spiritual self has positive health benefits for wellbeing.

The six key areas of wellness

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