How to stay healthy & well during these uncertain times

2020 has already been one filled with ups and downs for many of us in the community. Floods have devastated homes, businesses and villages and just when those affected were getting back on their feet, we have been instructed to avoid unnecessary social contact, work from home and schools closing due to Covid-19.

Uncontrollable circumstances such as these can bring worry and fear, which has a dramatic impact on our health and wellness. Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of being in the best health in the following areas:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual

I would go as far as putting them in that order of priority too.

Each of the 6 dimensions influence and balance each other to create overall wellness. Should one be out of sync it will influence another.

  • Physical – Maintaining a healthy body through regular exercise, good nutrition, balanced sleep and avoiding harmful habits
  • Emotional – Being in touch with your emotions, aware of them and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Social – Relating, interacting and communicating well with others. It’s also about being comfortable in your own skin to have the ability to be social.
  • Intellectual – Engaging with the world around you, opening your mind, problem solving, learning new things and being creative.
  • Environmental – Surrounding yourself with a suitable work and living environment, without hazard. Understanding the role we play in the world, respecting and appreciating our surroundings.
  • Spiritual – Having a sense that life is meaningful and has a purpose.

Now you understand what aspects make up wellness – how can you look to maintain balance in these during the current global situation?

Here are 6 tips that may help you right now:

  • Physical – Stay as active as is safe to do so. Gyms and leisure facilities may be temporarily closed but you can do things at home. It’s amazing how walking up and down the stairs a few times can increase your heart rate! Plus, there are many online platforms for home workouts. If you can get outside for a walk away from too many people I would recommend this as the best way of staying healthy right now, after all we live in a beautiful part of the world let’s make the most of it.
  • Emotional – Stress is a huge factor now, with job and financial uncertainty for so many. Try to quieten your mind a little with some meditation or mindfulness techniques. Try for help with this.
  • Social – Although we are socially distancing it doesn’t mean we can’t be social. Arrange to call a friend or relative each day. Use the technology available such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime so you can see others as well as speak to them. This will be particularly helpful for those who are in complete isolation
  • Intellectual – If you are a busy person, current restrictions could be difficult to get used to. Use the extra time to stimulate your brain with tasks such as quiz books, hobbies, learn a language, read books or write a journal. Creativity stimulates our brain and keeps cognitive function active. There are mobiles apps and websites available for this or you can order online for home delivery of products.
  • Environmental – With the possibility of more time on our hands, there is no excuse not to sort out that cupboard under the stairs or that drawer we all have that’s full of old batteries, take-away menus and general tat. If we are more organised with our environment it makes us feel good. If you don’t love it or use it then it’s just clutter and the less of it we have the better we feel.
  • Spiritual – This is a hard one, because everyone is different. It doesn’t have to be about religion, it can be just knowing that there is more to life than business, work, money and belongings. In a time where many may experience hardship it is important to understand and believe that this time will pass and it may change you, but it doesn’t have to break you. Don’t give up because I can guarantee it you are needed by someone else in this world.

After spending many years in the health and fitness industry as well as personal challenges I have been through, I have come to realise that optimal health and wellness isn’t all about diet and exercise. There is so much that creates balance and I hope that some of these tips can help you too.

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Stay well and look after each other, Emma